Where you’ll stay

Enjoy the ocean view and local hospitality when you stay at the Océanos Surf House. The house is only a five-minute walk from the beach and offers everything you want for a relaxing stay in Pichilemu. After a day of surfing, you´ll appreciate the comfortable beds in your spacious, private bedroom. You can kick back and unwind on the deck or in the lounge in front of a surf flick – one of many from Ismael’s extensive collection! If you´re feeling more energetic take a walk along the beach or try out the yoga swing and get your body prepped for more surfing.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


A generous breakfast will ensure you have all the energy you need for your surfing lesson or a visit to the vineyards. We provide fresh fruit, juice, bread, cheese and of course, great coffee!


Lunch will vary depending on the activities planned for the day. You´ll get to sample local Chilean fare at one of Pichilemu´s many restaurants and cafes or you can enjoy a picnic on the beach or in the vineyards. To keep your energy levels high during the day – especially when hitting the waves – we will provide you with fruit, nuts, bottled water and a hot chai or yerba mate.


At the end of a big day of surfing, or after experiencing the local sites, you can look forward to fish or meat roasted over an open fire, with salads, fruits and maybe even some of South America´s home-grown super food, quinoa. All accompanied with a cold beer or a local Chilean wine!