What we Love

Océanos was founded in 2012 by Ismael Herreros with the vision to provide quality surf and travel experiences to enrich people’s lives and showcase Pichilemu’s wonderful region and ocean.

We live by our values of trust and respect and are committed to sustainable local tourism and environmental awareness.

How it all began…

Ismael Herreros Montero

Owner and operator of Océanos

Ismael´s love of surfing began at age 11, cutting his teeth on his brother’s board in Ventanas on the coast of Chile. Since then he has travelled extensively to chase waves across the world but still considers surfing a 20-foot wave at the local point break, Punta de Lobos, his greatest highlight. He has competed in two Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile events and took fourth place in the Expression Session in 2013 – a testament to his talent for riding big waves.

Originally from Santiago, Ismael made the move to Pichilemu in search of the pristine countryside, clean air, and consistent, quality surf. He now calls Pichilemu home and with a strong base of family and friends there he is well ingrained in the local community.

Ismael holds a Bachelor of Ecotourism (Universidad Andres Bello, Santiago Chile) and has been a surf instructor and trainer (International Surf Association qualified) for more than 10 years. He considers teaching a great way to combine his love of surfing with a vocation that enables him to share his knowledge and inspire others to experience a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Beyond surfing Ismael is passionate about the natural environment and about the Chilean culture and local traditions. He founded Océanos with the intention of providing unique, quality experiential tourism that contributes to a sustainable investment in the Pichilemu region.

Ismael lives by the philosophy of creating good will for others, treating the earth and all living things with respect and simply, enjoying life and doing what you love!